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A simple Model for Modeling of Tehran Stock Exchange Price Index’s Dynamics (35143 Views)
Financial Development Effects on Monetary Policy Efficiency in Developed and Developing Countries (32313 Views)
The Effect of Concentration, Merger, and e-banking activity on Efficiency of Iranian Money Marketing (32018 Views)
Nonparametric and Semiparametric Estimation of Car Production Function with an Emphasis on Energy Inputs: Introduction of Three-Step Olley-Pakes Approach in Estimation of Panel Data (29403 Views)
Investigation of housing market in Iran through using monetary transition mechanism (26464 Views)
Evaluation of Market Power in the Iranian Wholesale Electricity Market (23684 Views)
A Monetary Model for Weighting of Vote in Economic Analysis of Democracy (22827 Views)
The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth: The Role of Financial Market Development in Host Countries by Panel Data Method (22273 Views)
The Role of Asset Price Channel in Monetary Transmission Mechanism in Iran: The Case of Housing Price Index (22114 Views)
Input-Output Multipliers and Iranian production Growth (21501 Views)
The Behavior of Iranian Electricity Market in Supply Function Equilibrium Framework (21206 Views)
Providing an Appropriate Model for Urban Public Sector Finance in Iran (Isfahan Municipality Case Study) (20360 Views)
Intelligent Modeling of Asymmetric Effects of Monetary Shocks on Output in Iran(Neural Network Application) (19946 Views)
The Effect of Administrative Corruption on the Gross National Saving In MENA Countries (Dynamic Panel Data Approach) (19434 Views)
Simulating a 55-Period Overlapping Generations Model:An Application of Pension System Reform for Iran (19080 Views)
Modeling the Relationship between Government Expenditures and Private Consumption Regarding the Compensatory Effects of Government Expenditures in Iran (1959-2007) (18428 Views)
Dynamic Energy Demand Analysis in the Iranian Manufacturing Industries (18043 Views)
Poverty and its Determinants in the Iranian Urban Households (17722 Views)
The Role of Financial Reform on Economic Growth and Creation of Convergence among Selected Islamic States (17697 Views)
Analysis of Effective Factors Affecting Changes in CO2 Emissions of Power Plants Sector of Iran, 1997-2008 (17331 Views)
The Impact of Education Expenditures on Human Capital and Economic Growth in Iran: A Computable General Equilibrium Approach (17091 Views)
Testing the Asymmetries in Central Bank Reaction Function:The Case of Iran (16792 Views)
The Role of Institutional Quality in the relationship of Real Exchange Rate and Oil Price, Case study: Oil-Exporting Economies (16524 Views)
Measuring Welfare Cost of Banking Industry in Iran: The Approach of Allocative and X-inefficiency (16475 Views)
OPEC Structural Econometric (15772 Views)
The Asymmetric Effects of Real Exchange Rate Fluctuations on Non-Oil Exports of Iran: A Markov-Switching Approach (15766 Views)
Prioritizing the Barriers of Public-Private Partnerships Development in Transportation Sector of Iran Using MCDM Models (15556 Views)
The Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model of Monetary Business Cycle for Iran (15347 Views)
Determining the Rank of Iranian Automotive Companies Products by Combining DEA and AHP Interval Pair-wised Comparisons Matrix (15026 Views)
Developing an Overlapping Generation Model of Fractional Reserve Banking Activity with Emphasis on Maurice Allais's Approach (14166 Views)
Volatility and Return(Empirical Evidence from Tehran and International Stock Exchanges) (14165 Views)
Developing an Inflation Model for Iranian Economy Based on Micro-Foundations (14163 Views)
Testing Heckscher-Ohlin-Vanek (HOV) Model in Iran (13847 Views)
The Optimal Environmental Tax in a Generalized Growth Model with Clean Technology Diffusion and Environment Quality: the Case of Iran (13480 Views)
Examining indirect effects of monetary policy on bank lending, through the balance-sheet items of the public and private banks in Iran (13461 Views)
Analyzing OPEC Members Behavior: A Cooperation Game Approach (13101 Views)
Modeling of Uncertainty, Indigenizing Infant Mortality and Economic Growth Model (13036 Views)
TFP Growth and Inflation in Iran: A Wavelet Causality Approach (12880 Views)
Determining the Relationship between Market Structure and Capital Structure in Tehran Stock Exchange (12600 Views)
Estimating and forecasting the volatility of Tehran stock market, using Markov regime switching GARCH models (12515 Views)
Effect of Value Added Tax on the price effects in Iran (12480 Views)
The Effects of Energy Price Adjustment on Macroeconomic Variables: Structural Vector Auto Regressive approach (12277 Views)
The Specification and Estimation of Investment Function According Infinite Horizon in Economy of Iran (12173 Views)
The Optimal Official Foreign Exchange Reserves Composition for the Period 1999-2007(A Case Study of Selected Oil Producing Middle –East Economies) (12124 Views)
The Analysis of Oil Shocks Effects on Residential Investment Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model On Real Business Cycles Theory (12040 Views)
Estimation of Phillips Curve with Regression Models of Smooth (12009 Views)
Impact of Environmental and Economic Policies on Urban Traffic Behavior Using Hybrid Top-down Bottom-up Approach: Case of Tehran (11422 Views)
Migration, Economic Growth and Regional Convergence in Iran (10964 Views)
Monetary Policy under Fiscal Dominance and Implicit Inflation Target in Iran: A DSGE Approach (10861 Views)
A Study of Long Memory Trend for International Oil Markets (10682 Views)
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