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The Behavior of Iranian Electricity Market in Supply Function Equilibrium Framework (40241 Views)
A simple Model for Modeling of Tehran Stock Exchange Price Index’s Dynamics (37471 Views)
Financial Development Effects on Monetary Policy Efficiency in Developed and Developing Countries (35289 Views)
The Effect of Concentration, Merger, and e-banking activity on Efficiency of Iranian Money Marketing (34437 Views)
Nonparametric and Semiparametric Estimation of Car Production Function with an Emphasis on Energy Inputs: Introduction of Three-Step Olley-Pakes Approach in Estimation of Panel Data (31230 Views)
Investigation of housing market in Iran through using monetary transition mechanism (28762 Views)
Evaluation of Market Power in the Iranian Wholesale Electricity Market (26136 Views)
A Monetary Model for Weighting of Vote in Economic Analysis of Democracy (25196 Views)
The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth: The Role of Financial Market Development in Host Countries by Panel Data Method (24856 Views)
The Role of Asset Price Channel in Monetary Transmission Mechanism in Iran: The Case of Housing Price Index (24515 Views)
Input-Output Multipliers and Iranian production Growth (23465 Views)
Providing an Appropriate Model for Urban Public Sector Finance in Iran (Isfahan Municipality Case Study) (22293 Views)
Intelligent Modeling of Asymmetric Effects of Monetary Shocks on Output in Iran(Neural Network Application) (21992 Views)
The Effect of Administrative Corruption on the Gross National Saving In MENA Countries (Dynamic Panel Data Approach) (21807 Views)
Simulating a 55-Period Overlapping Generations Model:An Application of Pension System Reform for Iran (21329 Views)
Modeling the Relationship between Government Expenditures and Private Consumption Regarding the Compensatory Effects of Government Expenditures in Iran (1959-2007) (20610 Views)
Dynamic Energy Demand Analysis in the Iranian Manufacturing Industries (20201 Views)
Poverty and its Determinants in the Iranian Urban Households (19961 Views)
The Role of Financial Reform on Economic Growth and Creation of Convergence among Selected Islamic States (19943 Views)
The Impact of Education Expenditures on Human Capital and Economic Growth in Iran: A Computable General Equilibrium Approach (19618 Views)
Analysis of Effective Factors Affecting Changes in CO2 Emissions of Power Plants Sector of Iran, 1997-2008 (19391 Views)
Testing the Asymmetries in Central Bank Reaction Function:The Case of Iran (18958 Views)
The Role of Institutional Quality in the relationship of Real Exchange Rate and Oil Price, Case study: Oil-Exporting Economies (18771 Views)
Measuring Welfare Cost of Banking Industry in Iran: The Approach of Allocative and X-inefficiency (18719 Views)
The Asymmetric Effects of Real Exchange Rate Fluctuations on Non-Oil Exports of Iran: A Markov-Switching Approach (18072 Views)
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The Assessment of Renewable Energy Substitution in Iran:An Optimal Control Approach (31988 Downloads)
A simple Model for Modeling of Tehran Stock Exchange Price Index’s Dynamics (23939 Downloads)
Assessment of International Sanctions on Iranian Macroeconomic Variables (23495 Downloads)
The Effect of Economic and Social Factors on the Success of Sport in the Olympic Games (2012-1996) (15153 Downloads)
Estimating and forecasting the volatility of Tehran stock market, using Markov regime switching GARCH models (13017 Downloads)
Investigating The Relationship Between Real Exchange Rate Uncertainty and Stock Price Index In Tehran Stock Exchange Using VAR-GARCH Models (12456 Downloads)
Poverty and its Determinants in the Iranian Urban Households (12037 Downloads)
A New Approach to Calculate the Time Series of Capital Stock for Iranian Economy: The Recursive Algorithm Method Using Genetic Algorithms (1959-2011) (11271 Downloads)
Calculating Electricity Shadow Price in Iranian Power Market (10157 Downloads)
The Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Model of Monetary Business Cycle for Iran (10132 Downloads)
The Effects of Fertility’s Changes on the Economic Well-being, with an Emphasis on Human Capital (7921 Downloads)
An Analysis on Methods of Market Efficiency Evaluation in Iran (7706 Downloads)
The Effects of Monetary and Fiscal Policy Shocks on Stock Market of Iran (7530 Downloads)
Asymmetric Exchange Rate Pass-Through to Export Prices (7357 Downloads)
Volatility and Return(Empirical Evidence from Tehran and International Stock Exchanges) (7271 Downloads)
Modeling the Inevitable Loss in the FX Market: An Application of Probability Theory (7072 Downloads)
Evaluation of Market Power in the Iranian Wholesale Electricity Market (6973 Downloads)
Comparative Analysis of the Economic Factors and Technical Factors in Improving Energy Efficiency in the Iranian Household Sector (6698 Downloads)
Reviews of mutual interest rate effects to macroeconomic variables in Islamic and un-Islamic countries (6595 Downloads)
The Role of Financial Reform on Economic Growth and Creation of Convergence among Selected Islamic States (6340 Downloads)
The Comparative Investigation of Social Capital in Iran (6121 Downloads)
Migration, Economic Growth and Regional Convergence in Iran (6084 Downloads)
Statistical Analysis and Construction of Prediction Intervals for A Hybrid Neural Network in: A Case Study of Natural Gas Consumption in the Household Sector (6025 Downloads)
Identification of Factors Affecting on Credit Risk in the Iran Banking Industry of Iran Using Stress Test (5696 Downloads)
Impact of Environmental and Economic Policies on Urban Traffic Behavior Using Hybrid Top-down Bottom-up Approach: Case of Tehran (5612 Downloads)
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